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Monday, February 27, 2012

New Bathroom Curtains -or- How I Spent My Saturday

I have wanted new curtains in my bathroom for a while now. I have a very small window, which tends to get overwhelmed by any curtain. In fact, I would prefer to leave it bare, but the window faces the driveway and our neighbor. I'm nothing, if not modest. So, I've been making due with cafe curtains and valance trying to find a good combo. For 10+ years, I've liked NOTHING I put on the window. (Which is why there is no before picture. Everything was hideous!)

Last weekend, Joann Fabrics had a sale on all home decor fabrics. 50% off any fabric AND I had a coupon for an additional 10% all my purchases -- including sale items. I knew it was time to strike.

I bought a yard of this fabric:

and paid only $16 for it! I was so excited b/c I've been looking at this swatch for well over a month. I love this print because it coordinates well with my shower curtain and, well, it's just plain pretty. So, I made a pair of cafe curtains and, after hanging them, decided I should fancy things up a bit. I looked around the house for items I could use. Up-cycle, if you will. LOL

I found a couple of crochet bracelets I made one in peacock blue & the other in a lime color that almost exactly matches the curtain. Each is closed with a vintage clip on earring I inherited from my grandmother. After I cinched the curtains, I knew I needed something behind them. The only lace or sheer curtains I had were heavy, machine-made lace, and too long. Then I found this wonderful linen pillowcase I've been hanging on to. It came in one of the many linen lots I've purchased from auctions or estate sales over the years. There is only one, so I've never been able to use it. I kept it, though, because the lace trim is so lovely. I decided I MUST use it as a curtain. 

I very carefully picked the stitches that were holding the ends of the crochet lace together & then cut the pillow case in half. I then hemmed the pillow case, added a rod pocket & hung it behind the curtains I just made. I didn't have a sash rod on hand, and I didn't want want the curtain to protrude too far from the window, so I channeled my inner pioneer goddess and hung the curtain on a piece of ribbon tacked to the window casing. Here is the end result:
Why yes, that is an autographed Ghostbusters photo you see. In the bathroom. That's how we roll.  lol
Here's a close-up of each of the bracelets/curtain ties.

I'm leaving both bracelets on until I decide which color I want to use. Then I'll make a matching one & find the matching earring. Right now the lime is in the lead, though I'm happy for feedback.

In all, a project that cost $16 and is 50% up-cycled! I would love to hear about your projects using items you already own in the comments. Thanks for sharing!