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Friday, February 24, 2012

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Unless that crown is made from yarn.

Pattern can be found here.

This is a fun pattern for a child's crown. The pink one, pictured above, was made a little larger to fit an adult's head. I made it for my 85 year old Grandmother's birthday last year. She got a kick out of it. It's made from cotton and stands up well on it's own.

I also made one this year in purple for a special little 4 year old. Stupid me forgot to take a picture.

You really need stiff yarn or else the crown droops. Cotton works well and stiff acrylic does too. Stay away from soft yarns, regardless of content. They'll just droop. Even the wool blends don't stand up well.

For the ultimate stiff crown, I recommend felting a crown in 100% wool. Of course it will shrink, so the pattern (as written) will fit a toddler. You'll need to make it larger to fit an older child or an adult, but the result is fabulous!

Made from 100% wool in white.

While not as much detail as the non-felted ones (the x-stitches melt away, for instance) it certainly does stand up well and the bubbles pop! I think I'll try this again & I'll thread ribbon through the bottom x-stitches to see if it helps them stand out. The worse that will happen is I'll have pretty ribbon as part of the crown. That can't be bad. 

If you make this pattern, I would love to see the results. Be sure to post a picture or email it to me at and I'll include it in a follow-up post.

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