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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blocking Your Finished Item

I confess. I don't have much experience with blocking my finished crochet pieces. I'm a felter, so most of my items are made, felted and dried. Sure I'll shape an item as it dries. Hats go on to bowls and purses gets stuffed with plastic shopping bags or bags of poly stuffing (those work SO well, btw!) I don't make a lot of items that get blocked without first being felted.

Lately I've been making lots & lots of flowers. While I want to try this pattern in wool & felt it, I first made it in a wool blend -- just because I like the colors. I'm glad I did. It's pretty, but it's a mess.It is crying out to be blocked.
Pattern is #3 on this page.
To block an item, you need  pins & a piece of styrofoam:

Make sure your item is wet. I washed mine & rolled it up in a clean towel to get out most of the moisture. Then pin the item to the styrofoam making sure to pull it into the shape you want.

Use lots of pins & make sure the item is exactly how you want it. For this flower, I pinned each petal down so it came to a point. Now walk away & let it dry. 

A couple days later, and I have this:

Lovely! And ready to be sewn onto....something. I don't know what yet. Maybe a pillow or maybe I'll use it as a highlight on a round purse. I have no idea. I just wanted to make it. 

I think I'll go make another. 

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