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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP - works in progress

When I first started crocheting, I was determined that I would not have any WIPs or works in progress. I would start a project and finish it.

That worked really well for a long time -- over 2 years. Of course, my projects were small then and I needed to finish them in order to see any mistakes and fix them with the next project. Then I started crafting for gifts and (keeping fingers crossed) profit. All good intentions went right out the window. 

Now I have WIPs all over the house. Here's the purse I was working on for myself:

Doesn't look much like a purse, does it? It's the body and two side gussets. I still need to make 6 pockets and 4 pocket flaps & straps. Then I need to put it together, felt it, line it and put in a zipper. I was supposed to have this finished by September 1. After all, it's a pumpkin colored purse. I wanted to carry it in the fall. I will be VERY happy if it's ready for next fall. In fact, I vow right now on this little blog, that I will finish this purse. After Christmas. Right now I need to go finish two commissioned purses and a slew of Christmas gifts.....

Let me rephrase. I'll be very happy if I EVER finish this purse. 

So, how big is your WIP pile? 

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