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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Golden Snitch

A few days ago, one of the craft blogs I follow posted a tutorial on making a Golden Snitch ornament. The tutorial was posted last year on Tiny Apartment Crafts. I decided to give it a try.

5 messed up ornaments later, this one isn't so bad:

Here's a picture of the original as a comparison:

My wings are a different shape and I used glitter paint instead of glitter. I also forgot to buy gold paint to cover the glue spots. All easily mended as I want to try one with glitter.

I also used a Sharpie paint pen to draw on the design. The worked well for me because I'm no artist so I can't paint freehand. I think, however, the next one I make I'll paint over my paint pen markings as I like how the gold paint is darker than the ball, which gives more definition -- like the actual Golden Snitch.

This craft definitely takes time. There are lots of steps & they all need dry time in between. It's a great project to work on while you're doing other things. However, when it's time to glue on the wings, stop what you're doing & give yourself lots of time. You need to hold the wing in place for a while (I held mine at least 10 minutes) before the glue really starts to dry & you can leave it to cure.

Don't let any of this stop you from trying this craft. It's really a lot of fun and the end result is terrific. In a day or so you can have your own Golden Snitch on your Christmas Tree! It would also be a fab gift for the Harry Potter fan in your family. Just be sure to package it very carefully, as it is very fragile.

Let the Christmas crafting begin!

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