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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Going Granny

I confess. I like granny squares. I know, I know. In my defense, I always strive to keep crochet moving forward. I'm all about "not your grandmother's crochet" crochet.

So, how do you make a granny square fresh & interesting? This was my attempt last year:

This bag was made for my Mom and each square was carefully planned out. Too bad I messed up the square alignment on the sides. Oh well. Only I would really know and it's still pretty.

Here are some ideas I pinned from the interwebs to keep those grannies fashion forward.

How about one big square turned into a purse?
From La ventana azul

Lots of pretty hex grannies make a fun purse or afghan.
From Facile Cecile

This is a pretty idea. Fancy grannies, each one different, but in a single color yarn. Lovely!
By Mit Hand und Herz

I'm really loving the first & last options. Which one to try first????

Happy Crafting!

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