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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finishing Techniques - Blocking a Granny Square

Hi Everyone!

As part of my vow to be a better blogger, I wanted to share some things I've found on the interwebs that I thought might be helpful to others. Usually I "pin" these kinds of things on Pinterest (you're welcome to follow me there -- there should be a button on the right) and I also wanted to add them to my blog for easy access and tagging.

If you make granny squares, and they have become very popular lately, then you'll love this tip on spray blocking a granny square, originally published by Crochet Me. If you've blocked before, you're probably used to wetting an item & pinning it. The big difference here is pinning before wetting the item. I like this technique because the squares don't get as wet as they normally would so, theoretically, they shouldn't take very long to dry.

I would love to hear your experiences with this technique or any other blocking technique. Looking forward to reading your comments.

Happy Crafting!

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