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Friday, October 12, 2012

Cashbox Makeover of Sorts (tutorial)

If you're going to sell at craft shows, you'll need a cash box. Even if you plan on wearing a crafter's apron, like me, you'll feel better knowing you can lock up some or all of your cash. At the very least any big bills or checks (if you take them.) Since I only sold at one craft show last year, and I didn't know if I would do any more, I did not buy a cash box last year. Now that I'm diving into the world of craft fairs, and I have a bunch lined up this Fall, I decided it was time to buy a cash box.

I bought a very basic cash box. It is very similar to this one:

Honestly, I would've left it alone. If only the cash drawer had more than one slot for bills. My items are priced in round dollars, so I don't need coins. What I need are slots for dollars. I don't know if you can buy an insert for a cash box that is just for bills, but I don't have time to order one. Besides, why buy what you can easily make.

I knew I needed sturdy dividers and they had to be pretty low, so it would be easy to make change. I thought about a few options -- plastic canvas, super heavy duty interfacing. But none of them were sturdy enough, so I cut up a shipping box I had laying around. It was perfect and after cutting long strips and folding them in half, it was super sturdy, if not attractive.

It works and, to be honest, who's going to see it? Really just me. But I'm a crafter. I can't just leave things alone. Not when I can make them look better.

So I started looking around for a way to make the dividers (and just the dividers) look better. Fabric? Nah. Dry time is too long. Scrapbooking paper? Perfect! If I had any, but I don't. Wrapping paper? I have tons, it doesn't have to dry, it doesn't take up space. Yes!

Here's a tutorial on how I make my dividers a bit prettier. Honestly, it's probably exactly how you think it would be and it's pretty picture-heavy, but I took all these pics and dagnabit, I'm gonna use them.

For this project you will need: wrapping paper, scissors and tape. I used packing tape because it's clear & strong.

The first thing I did was remove the dividers. I kept them as is, just folded the ugly masking tape down on to the cardboard to make them even more sturdy (and so the cardboard didn't rip.)

 Next, I cut the wrapping paper into strips & gift wrapped each divider:

I then figured out where to place each divider by making sure the bills fit into the slot. I then taped each divider into place using a long, thin, strip of clear packing tape. I taped to the box and the strip like so:

After the strips were in place, I reinforced them by taping them length-wise using the clear packing tape. This time I taped the side of the divider to the floor of the cash box:

Lastly, I used another long piece of tape to reinforce the top. This way the paper won't rip from use:

And this is what it looks like:
What? Don't you have only singles in your wallet? LOL
The very last thing I did was add a matching loop to hold my stylus. I take credit cards using Square and the stylus is better than a finger when signing for purchases. The problem is, I've lost so many of them b/c they're small. I decided the best idea was to keep it in the cash box. Hopefully, I won't lose it this time!

Here's the final pic, with ring:

Nothing fancy, but better than looking at plain cardboard. Maybe now I'll decorate the outside of the box. LOL

Just a reminder....
Tomorrow, Saturday, October 13th, I will be at a show in Branchburg, NJ. It is hosted by the Branchburg Women's Club. The craft fair (and bake sale - yum!) will be from 9-4pm and will be held at Central Middle School at 220 Baird Road, across from White Oak Park. Admissions is free! Click here for more information. If you're in the area, I hope you'll stop by.

Happy Crafting!

UPDATE:  The dividers are holding up well, but the ring to hold the stylus didn't work. Gravity took over. :-)  So, if you're contemplating, glue the ring to the box lid don't tape it. Me? I'm going going to keep it in the box on top of the moolah.

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