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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Because of Mom

I'm very lucky that I have a mother who is unbelievably talented and who loves to share her talents. Mom taught me to sew and got me on the path to crafting. She's also, basically, retired and has a lot of time on her hands and she loves to fill it with projects.

Thanks to Mom, I am going to be well outfitted during the fall craft shows because she made these!!

And to think I was going to use a painter's apron! Now I have a gorgeous apron to wear and an extra for my helper. I'm so excited!

Mom made the apron from a fabric I found that is covered with owls. Perfect! It's trimmed with quilt binding in a complimentary color. What a great, easy way to complete an apron.

One apron has a key fob for car keys or a lock box.

I wanted pockets and considered making sewn pockets. Then I decided that since I sell crocheted stuff, having crochet pockets would be better. These granny square (and one rectangle) pockets look great with the fabric.

Since the pockets have to hold stuff, they had to be lined, so I made a pocket with white fabric and backed it with interfacing. I then sewed the pockets on to the apron and whip stitched the granny square to the pocket.

For this apron, I wanted a bigger pocket and knew that a pocket that is too big would pull away from the apron. So I sewed the pocket onto the apron and then sewed through both the pocket and the apron to create a segmented pocket. This long pocket can hold my iPhone, pens, scissors and there is still a pocket for other stuff (hopefully money! LOL)

I really like how these came out and, thanks to Mom, I'll get to wear one on Saturday.

Happy crafting!

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