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Friday, September 14, 2012

I Felt

I checked the calendar the other day and realized craft show season is right around the corner. That means, I need to felt all those bags that are sitting in my unfinished project basket. I took the last two out of the magic felting machine (my washer) this morning and I just had to share. I love them so much!!

The fun thing about felting is that you don't quite know what the item will look like until it's completely felted. Of course, this can also be frustrating -- but usually it's really fun! I mean, you have an idea because you have the item in front of you, but will it really turn out the way you picture? Who knows?!? I'm so happy to say these came out exactly as I pictured them.

First up is a rainbow purse:

Roy G. Biv in purse form.
I made this purse on a whim and I'm really happy with the way it came out. Can't wait to pick out a button and lining!

Here's another striped purse that is drying. I like to make these because they are a good way to use up any leftover yarn. Since I'm pulling yarn from my stash, the colors are a surprise to me and each one is completely different.

I'm also adding eReader covers to my lineup. The one on the right will fit most eReaders (Kindle, iPad, Android Tablets, etc) the one on the left was made specifically for my Asus Eee Pad, which is one of the bigger ones out there.

I'm working on more of these and should have a bunch ready for the first craft show on Oct. 13th.

Lastly, just a quick (blurry, sorry) shot of more stuff drying.
Key chain wristlets, flower pins, and mini flower necklaces.

The flower pins are really popular, so I've been making lots in many different colors.

I'm jumping in to craft show season with both feet this year. I did only one show last fall, just to see what it's all about. This year I have 8 shows scheduled and will be in shows every weekend beginning October 13th. I'm also considering adding one show in December for a total of 9. I'm so excited!!

What are you working on? Any of you participating in craft shows this fall?

Happy crafting!

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