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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Craft Show Season

I can't help thinking about Bugs Bunny every time I read the title of this post.

Rabbit Season.
Duck Season.
Rabbit Season.
Duck Season.

Craft Show Season.
Duck Season?

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been busy getting ready for Craft Show Season. It's not like I attend lots of craft shows, but it's only me crafting and I get easily distracted, so I need to focus. :-)

Here's a list of shows I will plan on attending this fall. One every weekend in October & November. Not too shabby. If you're in the area and you end up at any of these shows, please be sure to stop by and say hello!

10/13     Branchburg Woman’s Club Craft Show, Branchburg, NJ
10/20     Homestead-at-Mansfield Craft Fair, Columbus, NJ
10/27     Rancocas Woods Craft Fair, Rancocas Woods, NJ
11/03     Steinert HS Craft Fair, Hamilton, NJ
11/10     St. Gregory the Great Academy Craft Fair, Hamilton, NJ
11/17     Falls Twp. Winter Craft Fair, Falls Twp Senior Center, PA
11/24     Rancocas Woods Craft Fair, Rancocas Woods, NJ
12/15      5th Annual Holiday Craft Show, East Brunswick HS, NJ

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