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Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Pom Pom Centerpiece

I saw a fun pom pom centerpiece on Pinterest and just knew I would have to try. These  are not the pom poms of your childhood -- all wild haired, crazy looking. Quite the opposite. I'm talking neat, clipped and very modern pom poms. 
My sister says they look like Truffula Trees. That makes me love them even more.
You can find the tutorial for this project at Dill Pickle Design. Basically, it's a very closely cropped pom pom. No fancy pom pom maker needed. Just your fingers, yarn, scissors and patience. 

Here's a close-up. See how closely cropped these are? I love it!

My tip is to clip these over a bowl or into your actual trash can. You're going to get yarn & lint everywhere. Don't make the mistake I did and think you can do this while sitting in your lounge chair watching TV. Actually you can, if you don't mind getting very fine lint all over your sweater. (Which is what happened when I made the green ones <ahem>)

Also, one other thing I did differently was to use fallen branches as the stems. I didn't have any floral wire around, so I looked around for something else to use. I really liked using the branches b/c they look pretty in glass vase and, in a couple of cases, I was able to glue multiple pom poms on to a single branch. Love that look!

Here is the arrangement in it's final home, on my coffee table. 
Complete with sleeping kitty on the couch.

I made the pom poms in a few different sizes...up to four fingers!

Here's the version I made for St. Patrick's Day.

This project is a great way to use up your yarn stash and an inexpensive way to decorate. I hope you'll give it a try. Send me a pic if you do so I can post it.

Happy crafting!


  1. Truffula trees! Love these, had no ide they were so easy to make..

    1. Thanks, D! I can show you how to do them if you want.

  2. Those are SO wonderful looking!! They look so crisp and professional...