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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Daffodil Corsages - Just in Time for Easter

After making a handful of daffodil pins, I decided I wanted to try to make an actual corsage. Something more like the flowers we would buy our Mom and Grandmothers for Easter and Mother's Day.

To do so, the stem would need to be longer and I would need a bow. Luckily, my Mom taught me how to tie a florist bow ages ago. A little floral wire and...ta da!
Pattern by Melbangel. 

I made a bunch of these. A whole crop!

And they'll be packaged like this:
Just like it came from a florist.
As is typical for me, no two are exactly alike. 

Can you spot the tri-colored daffodil? Out of all the dozens of daffodils, it's the only one with 3 colors.

I've started listing these in my Etsy shop. More will be added every day this week. There's still plenty of time to get the flower before Easter. 

Be sure to add the code NEWLOOK2012 for free domestic shipping. (International shoppers, contact me for a shipping discount!) The offer expires this week, so don't forget!!

Happy crafting!

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