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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Swan is Born

Sometimes it doesn't take much to make something old new again. A little polish, a little trim, a little bling and...voila! Your old item is re-made and better than ever.

Last autumn I made this bucket bag to take on a trip to Gettysburg. I knew there would be lots of walking and that I would want to carry stuff -- my wallet, an umbrella, a pashmina, suntan lotion, lip gloss. I wanted a cross-body bag that wasn't too big and didn't have pockets sticking out of it. Can't. Stand. Those. Blech.

So, I made this little number:

Pattern by KnitArtbyGrace.

It's your standard bucket bag, but with a long strap. Naturally, it's felted. It's a very pretty green. Kind of like a mossy green. This picture does not do the color justice. But, it was just that. A sack. No lining and, as it turns out, with a strap so long the bag could hang down past my knees. Oops! Not enough felting time with the strap. But, I tied up the strap and carried on. It served me so well I used it the entire autumn until I made this pretty tote for winter:
My own design inspired by a pattern from KnitArtbyGrace.
I l-o-v-e this bag! Look at the ruffle! But that's a post for a different day. Back to the green bag.

So I was getting my stuff together & remembered I have this very serviceable green bucket bag that would be perfect for this weekend trip. Again, lots of walking & stuff to carry and I don't want to carry a shoulder bag.

There's nothing really wrong with the bag as is, but I started thinking about all my new bags that have linings. And pockets! Quick trip through the stash and this nice bag now has a happy yellow lining, with bumble bees, and three pockets.

Three pockets! Including one just for lip gloss!!
Then I cut the strap down so I wouldn't have a knot on my shoulder and I added some green trim I bought from the home decor department of my local fabric store. I had dreams of turning this trim into a purse handle. I still might try that, but for now it's a pretty trim on my green bag.

The duckling is now a swan!

It's not much and it didn't take a lot of time, but it's like I have a brand-new bag. Even though it's felted, the green feels very spring-y to me. It's also very soft from all the love it got in the fall. Just perfect and I love it all over again!

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