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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Basketweave Purse

A few weeks ago my sister asked me to make her a new purse for the summer. I was already making watermelon totes, but she wanted something different. I started searching around and found a pattern for a basket weave purse:
Hibiscus Purse pattern by Kristina's Krochet.

I knew it would be perfect for my sister because it was unlike anything else I was making and it is big enough to carry all her stuff. I could tell it would be beautiful, but I was a little concerned it would hot or look heavy because it's make with #6 super-bulky weight yarn.  Boy was I wrong!

Back of the purse. Isn't it pretty?!
This is a beautiful pattern. The basketweave is very summery. It reminds me of those sailor bracelets we used to buy each summer down the shore (that's the beach for those of you not from NJ.) Unfortunately, I couldn't find the darker coconut shell button in the right size, so I had to use a lighter colored button. I think I would prefer the darker button, but I'm not going to stress about it. My sister likes it as it is, and that's really the most important thing.

Naturally, I lined the purse. I wish I had a more funky fabric to use, but this was the only thing I had that was big enough.
I'm working on a lining tutorial for a future post.
The lining has pockets on both sides. The pocket on the back of the purse was sewn into three pockets -- a standard sized pocket, one sized to hold a phone and one for the all important lip gloss or chap stick. The pocket on the front of the purse is your standard large pocket. This thing can hold anything!

While I would like my sister to have her own, unique, purse. I may have to make another one of these, but in a different color.

Maybe I'll make one for me!


  1. I love the purse! Where can I find the pattern?

  2. Thank you, Laura! I've made this purse twice -- once in a nice deep red. It came out great both times. You can get the pattern from: The pattern is called Hibiscus Purse. Please post a pic if you do make it. I would love to see it!