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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Paying It Forward

It always means so much to me when someone appreciates my work. From comments when I'm out and about (though my Mom gets way more comments than I do! lol) to friendly nods on the interwebs.

What really tickles me is when my item is featured either in an Etsy treasury list or, as happened for the first time today, on a blog. That's really something! Someone found my item and thought enough of it to tell people "you should look at this." Very humbling.

Today I pay it forward and thank the folks who have recently featured my creations in their blogs.

First up is Paper + Lace  from New Zealand wedding planner Jax Sutton. Jax posted about crochet wedding trends and included my bobble clutch. Jax has found some really fabulous stuff including a stunning crochet wedding dress, the sweetest slippers you ever saw, and a beautiful caplet. Check out the full post here.

A little earlier this week Creative Atelier featured my Rose Garden purse in an Etsy treasury full of rainbow colored goodness. You can't help but get a smile on your face when looking at this collection. See the treasury at the link above or on Etsy.

If you're on Etsy, you can look through other people's treasuries or create one of your own. It's a great way to highlight your finds and catalog items you may wish to revisit later. Here are a couple I've created:

Beachy Keen -- bringing a bit of the beach to home decor
Three Cheers for the Red White & Blue -- a sampling of patriotic items
In Memory of Crash -- a treasury I created when Crash passed and it's full of items I know he would love

Have you created an Etsy treasury? Please do share so we can admire and spread the love.

Happy crafting!

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