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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pillow Talk

During my old auction days I bought a box of linens. Who am I kidding? When I used to go to auctions and yard sales, I bought MANY boxes of linens. I had so many linens....suffice it to say, if you need linens don't buy them. Come here. I'll GIVE you some!

Anyway, at one auction I bought a giant box of linens. Yeah, big surprise. Actually, the greatest surprise was buried all the way at the bottom of the box. Under the pretty tablecloths, the not-so-pretty tablecloths, the "what the heck is that?" cotton lining thing, I found a bunch of tea towels. Two of them were calendar towels with very important dates on them. One from my birth year and one from my hubby's. Honestly still can't believe it. Some people search forever for this kind of thing. They pay lots of moolah on eBay. Mine were after thoughts in a box o'linens.

I've kept them all this time thinking I would one day properly stretch them & hang them in my kitchen. They're towels, right? Kitchen towels. What else do you do with kitchen towels? If you're not going to use them, hang them up. In the kitchen.

Well, they've been in my linen closet for years. Never did stretch them. Not hung up. Then today -- this post on Craft Gossip:

This is a MUCH better idea than hanging up the towels. File this under "Duh, why didn't I think to do that?" I mean, I've made pillows from linen tablecloths, why not from a towel? DUH!!!

I am so making these. I can't wait to go through my stash. Or better yet. Buy new fabric! (I love new fabric!!!) I'm going to get some trims and make fancy little throw pillows for my bed. How cute will that be? Our birth years on our bed? Awww...I'll post pictures when they're done.

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